Important Prepositions 1

 Important Prepositions


338. Think of (remember a subject) Think of a plan and let me know tomorrow.
339. Think over (to consider) I will think over your case after sometime.
340. Tantamount to(equal in effect) His remarks are tantamount to insult.
341. Tired of (sick of, fed up with, weary) I am tired of listening to his flattering words.
342. Treat of (a subject, deal with) You should treat of this problem patiently.
343. Tresspass on (encroach on, land) Do not tresspass on government land.
344. Tresspass against (law) He was punished for tress passing the rules of the road.
345. Triumph over (difficulties) At last he triumphed over his difficulties.
346. Trifle with (make fun of) Don’t trifle with the feelings of the poor.
347. Usher in (begin, bring out) Globalisation has ushered in an era of market economy.
348. Verse in (thing, expert in) She is versed in the art of cooking.
349. Vote for (a person) I don’t vote for worthless politicians.
350. Vote on (resolution) The members voted on the resolution which was passed by majority.
351. Vote to (win) He was voted to power with thumping majority.
352. Venture upon (an undertaking) He did not dare to venture upon new enterprise.
353. Vain of (proud of) Though rich, she is not vain of her wealth.
354. Vexed with (person) Don’t get vexed with me.
355. Vexed at (a thing) I am vexed at my brother’s absence.
356. Wait upon (attend upon, to serve) Who is waiting on this table?
357. Wait for (person, thing) He is waiting for her.
358. Weary of (a thing) He was weary of study and retired to bed.
359. Warn against (fault, danger) I have already warned you against your carelessness.
360. Warn of (danger) He warned the nation of financial crisis.
361. Wish for (a thing) I don’t wish for anything in life.
362. Worthy of (praise, note) Your remarks are really worthy of note.
363. Wanting in  (lacking in) She is wanting in common sense.
364. Ward off (keep at a distance) Hindus believe in many rituals toward the evils off.
365. Wary of (something, Chary of) We should be wary of strangers.
366. Yearn for  (acute desire, long for) She yearned for the return to her own home.
367. Zealous for/about (a thing) A good soldier is always zealous for his country’s honour.


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