Important Prepositions 2

 Important Prepositions


298. Reputation for (a quality) My brother has a reputation for honesty.
299. Remorse for (wrong-doing) She felt remorse later on for neglecting her old parents.
300. Respite from (relief from) People have felt no respite from cold wave.
301. Replace by (a new object) Old furniture will be replaced by new one.
302. Repent of (an action) He repented of the misdeeds of his youth.
303. Recourse to (resort to, adopt as means) They took recourse to wrong means for success.
304. Revenge oneself on (Verb) (a person) He revenged himself on his enemy for the murder of his brother.
305. Revenge for (Noun) (an injury) She took revenge on him for his misdeeds.
306. Reconcile oneself to (a thing) You must reconcile yourself to the circumstances to and endure them.
307. Reconcile with (a person) He has not yet been reconciled with his wife.
308. Reason with (a person) I reasoned with him but could not bring him round.
309. Reckon on/upon (depend on) You can safely reckon upon the books for advice.
310. Remonstrate with (a person) The players remonstrated with the umpire against his L.B.W. decision.
311. Remiss in (duty) Those found remiss in duty will be punished.
312. Sure of(a thing) We are sure of victory in the game
313. Sequel to (as a result) Sequel to success in life he become extremely rich.
314. Smile at (mock at) All his friends smiled mockingly at his failure.
315. Smile on (favour) At last fate smiled on him and he was successful.
316. Slow at (doing something) On account her old age she is slow at cooking.
317. Substitute for (old thing) New furniture will be substituted for old one.
318. Scare of (afraid of) I got scared of the sound of bomb blast.
319. Shoot at, strike at, catch at, Hit at (unsuccessful attempt) The police shot at the thief who escaped in darkness.
320. Shoot at, Strike at, Catch at, Hit at (successful in attempt) The police shot the robber dead.
321. Speak for (favour) I shall speak for you to the Commander.
322. Speak of (praise) There is no scenic spot here to speak of
323. Start on(journey) He started on journey for Mumbai though he did not have enough money.
324. Strive for (try for) It is futile to strive for permanent joy in life.
325. Strive with (compete with) Don’t strive with the rich and the powerful.
326. Side with (Verb) (favour) He would never side with those who are unjust.
327. Search for (a thing) He is still searching for a good house.
328. Search (frisk) He was searching his pocket.
329. Seek (try to find) He sought shelter in the house of his friend when there were riots.
330. Seek after (in demand) He is much sought after actor these days.
331. Seek for (try to win) He always sought for his aim in his life.
332. Seething with (anger, discontent) The residents of the locality were seething with anger over the apathy of the police.
333. Suffer (loss) He suffered heavy loss in business.
334. Suffer from (disease) He is suffering from cancer and is not likely to survive long.
335. Show off (display) The modest persons do not show off their wealth.
336. Sentence to (punishment) Madho was sentenced to death by the judge.
337. Spark off (give rise to, trigger oft) Communal speech will spark off riots in the town.


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