Quantitative Aptitude

Table 113

Directions (1-5): Study the following table carefully to answer the questions that follow–   Q1. If the profit earned by Company R in the year 2008 was Rs. 18.9 lakhs, what was the income in that year? (a) Rs. 303.7 lakhs (b) Rs. 264.5 lakhs (c) Rs. 329.4 lakhs (d) Rs. 228.9 lakhs (e) None

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Table 112

Directions (1-5): Study the following table carefully to answer the following questions.    Number of students studying in five different disciplines from five Institutes    Q1. What is the average number of students studying Commerce from all the Institutes together? (a) 356 (b) 360 (c) 348 (d) 344 (e) None of these Q2. The total number

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Table 111

Directions (11-15): Study the table and answer the given questions. Data related to the number of employees in five different companies in December 2012   Note: (I) Employees of the given companies can be categorised only in three types: Science graduates, Commerce graduates and Arts graduates (II) A few values are missing in the table (indicated –).

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Table 110

Directions (Q. 6-10): A person purchased 5 Gadgets from a shop and sold them online. Given below is the data showing cost price, selling price and profit/loss percentage.    Q6. Cost price of Laptop is what percent of selling price of Tablet? (approximate)  (a) 138% (b) 182% (c) 142% (d) 154% (e) 186%   Q7.

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Table 109

Directions (Q1 – 5): In the following table, the Investment and profit of three Companies in different countries is given.  Note: Some values are missing. You have to calculate these values as per data given in the questions: – Q1. If TCS invested his amount in SINGAPORE state for 9 years and Accenture invested his

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Pie Chart 102

Directions (Q6-10): These questions based on the following graphs: Classification of appeared candidates in a competitive test from different states and qualified candidates from those states.  Appeared candidates = 45000. Qualified candidates = 9000  Q6. What is the ratio of the number of appeared candidates from states C and E together to that of the

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