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Pie Chart 102

Directions (Q6-10): These questions based on the following graphs: Classification of appeared candidates in a competitive test from different states and qualified candidates from those states.  Appeared candidates = 45000. Qualified candidates = 9000  Q6. What is the ratio of the number of appeared candidates from states C and E together to that of the

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Pie Chart 99

Directions ( 6 – 10): Study the following pie chart and answer the following questions. Percentage distribution of Income of 7 firms in year 2010 and 2013 is given below in pie chart. Percentage distribution of some firms is not given. You have to calculate these values if required to answer the questions. Note: Ratio of total

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Pie Chart 98

Directions (Q11-15): Study the following pie chart and answer the following question given below: – Number of male in the organization is two times of the number of females in the organization   Q11. Number of males in Blogging, Technical and Content department together are approximately what percent more/less than the total number of females in the

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Pie Chart 96

Directions (Q.1–5): The following pie chart shows the distribution of Students of Engineering and Arts students enrolled in seven different universities. Read the following questions and answer it carefully.   Q1. What is the total number of students of Engineering and Arts from Both GBTU and CCSU.? (a) 13824 (b) 14534 (c) 12167 (d) 17576

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Pie Chart 95

Directions (Q1-5): Study the following pie-chart and table carefully and answer the questions given below: Percentage distribution of the number of cars sold by a dealer during six months. Dealer sells cars of only two companies i.e. Company A and Company B The respective ratio between the number of cars sold of company A and B during six months

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Pie Chart 93

Direction (Q.1-5): Given below is the data related to students enrolled in “Mega Talent Hunt” Science Olympiad from 6 different colleges. Q1. Boys enrolled from college S are what percent of boys qualified from college Q?(Round off to 2 decimal places) (a) 69.23% (b) 52.56% (c) 61.58% (d) 56.58% (e) None of these Q2. Find

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Pie Chart 92

Directions (6-10): Study the following pie-chart carefully and answer accordingly: The following pie-charts show the number of tourists who visited India from different countries from different age group. (The age group criterion applies uniformly to every country).     Q6. If number of tourist from China was 9000, then find number of tourist from Nepal of

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Pie Chart 90

Directions (6-10): Study the pie-chart carefully to answer the following questions:  Percentage of players enrolled in different games in a sport academy     Q6. The number of female player enrolled in Hockey is what percent of total numberof players in Academy ?  (a) 9.6 (b) 10.2 (c) 8.8 (d) 7.6 (e) 11.4 Q7. What is ratio of male

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