Spotting Error Set 93

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are contain error in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. a) The hope is that the plan will sidestep the implementation shortcomings
b) of the procurement system. These extend from the lack of government
c) storage facilities and supply chain logistics to the fact that despite
d) the government declaring MSPs for 25 crops.
A) Only a           B) Only b            C) Only c           D) Only d          E) No Error


 Option E 

Q2. a) Farmers who has shifted production were
b) left holding the bag. They are not pleased.
c) It fed into the resentment that would eventually erupt
d) in widespread farmer agitations in the state this year.

A) Only a & b          B) Only b & c          C) Only c & d            D) Only a & d          E) No Error


 Option A
Explanation: has = had ; are = were

Q3. a) Many dissenters argued that policing is
b) too contextual and situational to fit into
c) a meaningful theoretical framework. But this is
d) how all practices have evolved to professions.

A) Only a      B) Only a & b           C) Only c & d            D) Only a & d            E) No Error


 Option D
Explanation:argued = argue; to = into

Q4. a) More often than not, the academic effort at theory-building
b) is supplemented with a critical reflection upon the relevance of
c) the issues pertaining to the field, which are better performed
d) by the purposeful coming togetherness of practitioners and academics.

A) Only d            B) All a, c, d             C) All b, c, d                D) All a, b, c              E) No Error


 Option C
Explanation: with = by;  are = is; togetherness = together

Q5. a) Despite being the fact that traditional training does a good job of
b) developing technical and procedural skills, it is correctly argued
c) that the linear and prescriptive nature of the model do not
d) promote the acquisition of essential non-technical competencies.

A) Only d            B) Only a             C) Only a & c             D) Only b & d             E) No Error


 Option C
Explanation: omit ‘being’ ; and donot = does not

Q6. a) The idea of an educational institution devoted exclusively
b) to education and research on policing is relatively new,
c) and it deserves renewed attention in the context of the recent
d) debate over the future trajectories of police universities in India.

A) Only a           B) Only b               C) Only c                D) Only d                 E) No Error


 Option E

Q7. a) Societies worldwide are caught in a constant balancing act
b) between individual liberty and public safety. India’s society is
c) also undergoing tremendous sociocultural, economic and political
d) changes which are bound to have an impact on the institutions established to police it.

A) Only a           B) Only b            C) Only c             D) Only d            E) No Error


 Option B
Explanation: India’s = Indian

Q8.a) As a proof of his previous ministry’s progress,
b) Piyush Goyal has also shared the two images on social media
c) contrasting a relatively dark India in 2012,
d) with a well-illuminated satellite image from 2016.

A) Only a & d          B) Only a & b              C) Only b & c             D) Only c & d          E) No Error


 Option B
Explanation: omit ‘a’ and ‘ has’

Q9. a) It was found that electrified villages appear
b) brighter in satellite imagery because of public
c) lightening, and subsequently, brightness increases
d) with the number of streetlights.

A) Only a            B) Only a & b             C) Only b & c            D) Only c             E) No Error


 Option D
Explanation: lightening = lighting

Q10. a) What necessitated Saubhagya is this loose operating
b) definition of an electrified village over which rural
c) electrification programmes of both the UPA and the National
d) Democratic Alliance governments were based.

A) Only a              B) Only a & b              C) Only b & c            D) Only c & d            E) No Error


 Option C
Explanation: over = on; omit ‘the’ before National Democratic Alliance

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