Pie Chart 98

Directions (Q11-15): Study the following pie chart and answer the following question given below: –
Number of male in the organization is two times of the number of females in the organization
Q11. Number of males in Blogging, Technical and Content department together are approximately what percent more/less than the total number of females in the same departments? 
(a) 85%
(b) 89%
(c) 94%
(d) 79%
(e) 95%
Q12. Out of the total number of employees from Translation department, 30% of the employees got promoted then find the ratio of the number of employees from Translation department who get promoted to the total number of male employees in the organization ?
(a) 28600 : 1269
(b) 1170 : 28779
(c) 1269 : 14300
(d) 1269 : 28600
(e) 28779 : 1170
Q13. If one male from Faculty can do a work in 20020 days and the female from Faculty are 20% less efficient than that of male in Faculty. Find the total no. of employees from Faculty to do the same job?
Q14. Find the difference between the average number of males in all departments of the organization and the average number of females in all departments of the organization?
(a) 2860
(b) 2440
(c) 2630
(d) 2920
(e) None of these
Q15. If some male employees from Content Department shifted to Blogging department and some female employees from Blogging departments shifted to Content departments such that total number of male employees and female employees in Content Department are same as total number of male employee and female employee in Blogging departments respectively. Now find the Average of the number of female employees from Content and male employee in Blogging department together?
(a) 4195
(b) 4185
(c) 4220
(d) 5210
(e) Can’t be determined

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