Bar Diagram 71

Directions (Q6 – 10): Study the following graph carefully and answer the questions given below
Number of students enrolled in mechanical, electrical and civil branches of five different colleges in the year 2016
Q6. Ratio of number of male to female students in electrical discipline from college B is 16 : 9 and total professors from same college and same branch is 100/9% of total female students from the same branch and same college then, find total number of professor in electrical branch from college B.
(a) 18
(b) 15
(c) 20
(d) 22
(e) 25
Q7. If number of male student in civil branch from college D and male students in mechanical branch from college A are equal then what is the percentage of female students in mechanical branch of college A ? Give that ratio of male to female students in civil branch from college D is 13 : 12 
Q8. If 20% of students in civil branch from college E are transferred to civil branch of college C then find the ratio of students in civil from college C to the total students from college E now.
(a) 34/111
(b) 23/222
(c) 23/111
(d) 34/113
(e) None of these
Q9. Average of students in electrical branch from all colleges are what percent less/more than the average students in Civil branch from all colleges together? (Approximately) 
(a) 12%
(b) 8%
(c) 4%
(d) 7%
(e) 6%
Q10. If 20% of total students from College D are failed in yearly exam, 75% of total students are passed from college E in yearly exams then what will be total students in college D and E together in year 2017 if 400 more students are enrolled in 2017 from both colleges D and E together (consider both colleges were opened in 2016 and enrollment is cancelled when a student fails in exam)
(a) 2340
(b) 2900
(c) 2440
(d) 2800
(e) None of these

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