Pie Chart 91

Directions (1-5): Study the graph and answer accordingly: 
At a sweet corner, 250 kg. of different types of sweets are sold per day, which costs Rs. 25450.


Q1. At what rate (price per kg) does the shopkeeper sell Barfi ? 
(a) 149.80
(b) 152.70
(c) 151.25
(d) 155.50
(e) None of these
Q2. If shopkeeper sells 10 kg more Laddu at same rate as given in graph then what is total amount fetched by selling all sweets?
(a) 26264.4
(b) 2625.50
(c) 23775.33
(d) 25245.50
(e) None of these
Q3. The rate of Rasgulla is approximate what percent of rate of Milkcake ?
(a) 68.35%
(b) 71.65%
(c) 73.90%
(d) 69.45%
(e) 67.20%
Q4. What money should be paid for 4 kg. Kalakand and 3 kg. Jalebi ? (upto two digit of decimal) 
(a) 1106.37
(b) 1288.15
(c) 1314.75
(d) 956.60
(e) 1048.52
Q5. Which of the following sweets is costliest ? 
(a) Laddu
(b) Barfi
(c) Kalakand
(d) Milkcake
(e) Rasagulla

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