Pie Chart 62

Directions for 1 to 5: The  percentage of revenue that come from the four different product segments for a diversified manufacturing company are shown in the following pie-chart Figures pertaining to the year 2008 and 2010 are given on the right hand side. The total sales in the year 2008 were Rs. 120 crores. It was Rs. 195 crores in 2010.
Q1. Which product segment has registered the maximum percentage growth in revenue during the two year period?
(1) Textile
(2) Cement
(3) Soda
(4) Others
(5) Cannot be determined
Q2. Which of the following statements is correct about the company?
(1) The company is putting less focus on the ‘other’ segment.
(2) Cement segment has registered more percentage growth than the textile segment.
(3) The soda segment has registered a 7% growth per annum during the above two year period.
(4) Both (2) and (3)
(5) None of these
Q3. What is the annualized percentage growth in revenue for the ‘Others’ segment?
(1) –9.86%
(2) –9.37%
(3) 12.34%
(4) –18.75%
(5) None of these
Q4. If the textile segment continues the current trend in growth rate, then how much sales will  company generate from textile segment in the year 2012? Choose the answer that is closest to the correct answer.
(1) Rs. 139 Crores
(2) Rs. 126 Crores
(3) Rs. 146 Crores
(4) Rs. 109 Crores
(5) None of these
Q5. What is the annualized percentage growth of revenue that the cement segment has registered for the company?
(1) 134%
(2) 34%
(3) 52.9%
(4) 67%
(5) None of these

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