Pie Chart 49

Directions (1-5): The pie charts above show the percentage of students in each faculty at North West University and the number of non-US students in the Arts faculty. These percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. There are a total of 1049 students in the Arts faculty. Use this information to answer the following questions.

Q1. What percentage of students in the Arts faculty are non-US students?
a. 14%
b. 9%
c. 30%
d. 11%
e. 10%

Q2. How many students are there in the Engineering faculty?
a. 420
b. 410
c. 390
d. 440
e. 450

Q3. How many students are there at the university?
a.  4650
b. 4560
c. 4640
d. 4450
e. 4350

Q4. If six percent of Science students are Asian. How many Asian students are there studying Science?
a. 48
b. 66
c. 120
d. 57
e. 59

Q5. There are 34 European medical students. What percentage of the faculty does this represent?
a. 14%
b. 18%
c. 12%
d. 15%
e. 17%


1. D
2. B
3. B

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