Pie Chart 24

Study the following graph to answer the given questions
% of distribution of number of Computers sold by a shopkeeper during the given six months.Total no of computer sold =96500

The ratio of no of Computers of Company Dell  to that of Company Sony during the given six months



Q1.What is the total of the no of computer of Company Dell sold during July ?
1. 13780               2. 12769               3. 11001               4. 10100               5. None of these

Q2. What is the difference between the number of computers of Company Sony sold during Aug  and Dec ?
1.3650               2.5210               3.4400               4.3806               5.None of these

Q3. If 42% of the Computers of Company Dell were sold at a discount in Dec, how many computers were sold without any discount during the same month ?
1.3358               2.5790               3.4530               4.2675               5.None of these

Q4. If the Company Sony earned a profit of Rs.350 on each computer sold during Oct. What was the total profit earned on the computer  during the same month ?
1.31,90,400               2.28,30,800               3.22,76.700               4.17,65,900               5.None of these

Q5. What is the total of the number of computers of Company Dell sold during September and November ?
1.12980               2.14786               3.15200               4.17039               5.None of these


1. 3

2. 4

3. 1

4. 2

5. 4

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