Pie Chart 9

Study the following pie chart carefully to answer the following questions given below
No of Students : 5,00,000

Fields% of Boys
Hotel Management80%

Q1. What is the ratio of no of boys in Economy to no of girls in Hotel Management ?
1.47:81                   2.168:125                   3.119:92                   4.17:40                   5.None of these

Q2. What is the difference between the no of girls in IT  and no of girls in ECE ?
1.2100                   2.5600                   3.3200                   4.4800                   5.None of these

Q3. The number of boys in CS is approximately what % of total number of students in EEE ?
1.36%                   2.41%                   3.27%                   4.30%                   5.None of these

Q4. What is the average number of girls students in the fields ECE, EEE and Hotel Management ?
1.32,560                   2.56,260                   3.26,566                   4.41,256                   5.None of these

Q5. The large number of girls students distributed in which field ?
1.ECE                   2.CS                   3.Hotel Management                   4.IT                   5.None of these


1. 2

2. 4

3. 1

4. 3

5. 2

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