Pie Chart 8

Study the following information carefully to answer the given Questions

Q1. If the sales of Himalaya increased by 10% per year and if the sales of Fair & lovely is Rs.250 cr in 2013, what will be the sales of Himalaya in 2015 ?
1.260.5 cr                    2.242.3 cr                    3.254.1 cr                    4.252 cr                    5.None of these

Q2. What will be the central angle of Amway, Ponds and lakme together ?
1.161.2o                    2.152.5o                    3.150.1o                    4.151.2o                    5.None of these

Q3. If the total sales of cosmetic product in the market is Rs.670cr/ what is the difference between the sales of Lakme and Dove?
1.17.5 Cr                    2.20.1 Cr                    3.25.6 Cr                    4.32. 7 Cr                    5.None of these

Q4. If the cosmetic have only 12% share of the total market products, what is the share of the Himalaya in the total market(in %)?
1.2.52%                    2.3.15%                    3.4%                    4.1.75%                    5.None of these

Q5. If the sales of Fair & Lovely is estimated as Rs.20.8cr, Find the sales of Ponds(in lakhs) ?
1.Rs.6,05,60,000              2.Rs.6,65,00,000            3.Rs.6,65,000               4.Rs.6,65,60,000               5.None of these


1. 3

2. 4

3. 2

4. 1

5. 4

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