Pie Chart 16

Study the given pie-Chart and table carefully and answer the Questions given below
The pie Chart shows the distribution of the total number of students Studying MBBS and Engineering from 6 colleges and the table shows the ratio of male to female students and the ratio of MBBS to Engineering Students

Total Number of Students = 3,25,000


Q1. If the ratio of number of Male and Female students in College C same as that of the ratio of number of Male and Female students in College D. The number of female students in College F is What % of the number of male students in College C ?
1.12%                2.16%                3.15%                4.10%                5.None of these

Q2. Find the number of Male Engineering Students in College B?
1.27890                2.18570                3.12780                4.Can’t be determined                5.None of these

Q3. If the ratio of  Number of Male and Female students in College C is same as that of the number of MBBS and Engineering Students in College D.What is the difference between the number of MBBS Students  in College A and E ?
1.18720                2.12635                3.16425                4.14625                5.None of these

Q4. What is the ratio of female students of college B to those of college F ?
1.290:107                2.121:97                3.455:52                4.121:69                5.None of these

Q5. The number of Engineering Students in College A is what %  less than the number of MBBS students in College D (approx)?
1.13.33%                2.12.65%                3.15.38%                4.21.56%                5.None of these


1. 2

2. 4

3. 4

4. 3

5. 1

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