Pie Chart 14

Study the graph to answer the following Questions
4000 posts of different cadres have to be filled up by six different banks(A, B, C, D, E, F). Chart – I shows the breakup of vacant posts in these banks. Chart – II shows the percentage breakup of the requirement of personnel in the different cadres in a bank. Assume that these percentages are the same for all the banks.

Q1. Banks A and C recruited IT officers as per given requirement. After few days some of the newly employed IT officers left A and Joined C. The number of new requirements of IT officers in A and C have now become equal. The approximate percentage of new recruits who left A is
1. 11%                2. 15%                3. 22%                4. 20%

Q2. By what % is the number of recruitments of law officers more/less in C, E and F taken together than in A, B and D taken together?
1. More by 40%                2. More by 20%                3. less by 40%                4. less by 20%

Q3. What is the ratio of requirement of Finance Executives in C and E taken together with D and F taken together?
1. 1333:994                2. 633:991                3. 799:998                4. 994:1333

Q4. Banks D and F hired 15% of Rajbhasha Adhikaris than their own requirement(%). After 1 year the total strength of the staff was brought down to the original strength through retrenchments of some employees.What is the difference between the initial strength and the current strength of employees?
1. 80                2. 60               3. 50                4. 30

Q5. In Bank E, about how many more technical officers should be employed than the required number so that the ratio of technical officers to that of finance executives becomes 2:3?
1. 63                2. 33                3. 43                4. 53


1. 1

2. 3

3. 4

4. 1

5. 3

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