Vocabulary Set – 70

1. Staid – Serious, organized and professional.

Synonyms: sedate, composed, solemn, steady, calm

Antonyms: frivolous, funny, capricious, foolish

Usage: For usually staid Japan, the last few weeks have been politically rambunctious.


2. Rambunctious – Energetic, noisy, boisterous and difficult to control.

Synonyms: unruly, wild, rough

Antonyms: calm, introverted, shy, orderly, quiet

Usage: For usually staid Japan, the last few weeks have been politically rambunctious.


3. Gauntlet – To challenge someone

Synonyms: armour, dare, mitten

Antonyms: negotiation

Usage: But what explains Mr. Abe’s choice of timing in throwing down the electoral gauntlet so early in the parliament’s term?


4. Cobble – Roughly assemble or produce something from available parts.

Synonyms: patch, mend, repair

Antonyms: dislodge, blighted

Usage: Her party of Hope has only been able to cobble together candidates to contest 235 seats.


5. Cannibalise – To make use of

Synonyms: consume, employ, use, utilise

Usage: She essentially cannibalises from a shared ideological space with another party.


6. Rudderless – Without guidance.

Synonyms: afloat, aimless, directionless

Antonyms: purposeful, aground, guided

Usage: This has left the new party rudderless.


7. Straddle – Extend across or to be situated on both sides of.

Synonyms: bestride, span, range, mount

Antonyms: side, border, rim, incline, verge

Usage: Turkey straddles Asia and Europe.


8. Orgy – Excessive indulgence in a specified activity.

Synonyms: spree, debauch, rampage, excess

Antonyms: abstinence, celibacy, diet, purge

Usage: She has an orgy of buying exotic things.


9. Limbo – State or condition of neglect or oblivion which results in an unresolved status or delay.

Synonyms: oblivion, abyss, inferno, nullity, obscurity

Antonyms: surety, security, resurrection, fact, assurance

Usage: The legal battle could leave the club in limbo until next year.


10. Suffrage – The right or chance to vote.

Synonyms: vote, ballot, franchise, election, poll

Antonyms: tyranny, censorship, abstain, devoice

Usage: when you cast your vote, you exercise your privilege of suffrage.

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