Vocabulary Set – 69

1. Audacious – Showing willingness to take bold risks.

Synonyms: bold, daring, temeritous, temerarious

Antonyms: shy, cautious, prudent

Usage: The murders were barbaric, audacious and riveting.


2. Riveting – Commanding the attention of spectators.

Synonyms: fascinating, interesting, captivating, enthralling, intriguing

Antonyms: boring, tedious, annoying, deadening, irksome, arid, dull

Usage: The murders were barbaric, audacious and riveting.


3. Cassandra – A person who makes dire predictions.

Synonyms: doomsayer, pessimist, cynic, alarmist, malcontent

Usage: Ignore the Cassandras.


4. Blip – A brief and usually minor aberration or deviation from what is expected or normal.

Synonyms: glitch, spot, expurgate, censor

Antonyms: unfeeling, bathe, examine, perform

Usage: The dip in India’s economic growth is a tempo blip.


5. Eschew – To avoid

Synonyms: avoid, shun, evade, elude, abstain, renounce, refrain, sacrifice, deny

Antonyms: embrace, pursue, intervene, confront, adopt, accept, deliver, admit

Usage: Eschewing such a debate would be harmful in long run.


6. Mayhem – A state or situation of great confusion

Synonyms: havoc, chaos, disorder, confusion, violence, rumpus, maim, disruption, damage, unrest

Antonyms: hierarchy, calm, harmony, peace, accordance, integrity, cure, civilisation

Usage: It led to the partition of the Subcontinent amidst murders and mayhem.


7. Fraught – Marked by or causing distress

Synonyms: anxious, tense, loaded, creepy, diligent, upsetting, stressful, traumatic

Antonyms: devoid, destitute, calm, tranquil, comfortable

Usage: The politicians refuse to recognise that the willful rewriting of history to further sectarian interests is political fraught.


8. Lumber – To move clumsily.

Synonyms: plod, shamble, stump, flounder

Antonyms: stream, glide, relieve, sustain, absolve

Usage: A man was found lumbering into a tattoo studio.


9. Quail – To lose heart or courage

Synonyms: shrink, flinch, tremble, shy, cower, cringe

Antonyms: calm, steady, face, meet

Usage: The cowardly lion was afraid that he would quail in the face of danger.


10. Quandary – A state of not knowing what to decide

Synonyms: dilemma, perplexity, uncertainty, predicament, difficulty, problem

Antonyms: solution, certainty, advantage, anticipate, clarification

Usage: She was in a quandary.

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