Vocabulary Set – 68

1. Modicum – limited quantity

Synonyms:  iota, particle, speck, fragment, scrap, crumb, grain

Antonyms: abundance, surplus, barrel, multitude, cascade

Usage: Post 2014, the BJP Gujarat state unit regained a modicum of autonomy.


2. Interminable – Existing or occurring without interruption or end.

Synonyms: endless, never-ending, unending, everlasting, ceaseless, unceasing, incessant, constant

Antonyms: finite, brief, short, concise, bounded, intermittent, circumscribe

Usage: This case absorbed the nation quite interminably.


3. Splinter – A group formed by splitting off from a larger membership; a faction.

Synonyms:  fragment, shatter, fracture, break, smash, split, disintegrate

Antonyms: mend, whole, activate, homogenize, fix

Usage: A splinter group held power in a minority government supported by Congress.


4. Dereliction – willful neglect of one’s duty.

Synonyms: failure, negligence, delinquency, omission, abandonment, oversight

Antonyms: fulfillment, caution, observance, attentiveness

Usage: The new soldier did not clean his cabin and was scolded for dereliction and disobedience.


5. Conjecture – A supposition based upon incomplete evidence; a hypothesis.

Synonyms: guess, speculation, surmise, fancy, notion, belief, suspicion, presumption,

Antonyms: fact, interpret, certainty, computation, criterion

Usage: Facts went unrecorded and were replaced by conjecture with alarming rapidity.


6. Parable – A short narrative illustrating a lesson by comparison or analogy.

Synonyms: fable, allegory, anecdote, narrative, exemplum

Antonyms: factual

Usage: The Aarushi murder case became a parable of modern life in India.


7. Palimpsest – A thing which displays evidence of the alteration it has experienced

Synonyms: manuscript, environment, circumstance, climate, certificate

Usage: While the tradition has changed over time, it is still a palimpsest of our family’s history.


8. Bungle – A botched or incompetently handled situation.

Synonyms:  mishandle, mismanage, botch, spoil, mar, ruin

Antonyms: succeed in, manage successfully

Usage: The only known perpetrator is a bungled investigation in Aarushi murder case.


9. Shackle – A restraint on one’s action, activity, or progress.

Synonyms: manacle, fetter, trammel, restrain, confine, restrict

Antonyms: unloose, cultivate, encourage

Usage: It is an opportunity to break the shackles of patriarchy.


10. Anchorage – Something on which one may depend for security; ground of trust.

Usage: Strong local anchorage, deep ties with local business community have always been the strengths of BJP.

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