Vocabulary Set – 65

1. Egress – an outlet or exit

Synonyms: emergence, withdrawal, emerge, departure, egression, exodus

Antonyms: entrance, immersion, acceptance, penetration, introduction.

Usage: Because of her claustrophobia she cannot be in any space where she does not have a ready egress.


2. Emacity – the compulsive love for and desire to obtain, purchase, or spend money on items

Synonyms:  perseverance, doggedness, fortitude, obstinacy, firmness, resolve

Antonyms: flaw, indecision, fault, cowardice, agility, weakness

Usage: The billionaire had an emacity that made him buy boats and cars on a whim just because he could.


3. Futurity – the future

Synonyms:  hereafter, forthcoming, destines, approaching, expectation, unborn

Antonyms: pastness, yesterday, earliness

Usage: Anxious thoughts of futurity caused the worrier to lose hope in the present.


4. Easement –  entitled to utilize another person’s property for a specific purpose

Synonyms: relief, alleviation, assuagement, consolation, solace, abatement, softening

Antonyms: agony, burden, crisis, discomfort, bounce, awake

Usage: The only way to cross the river was by going through the owner’s land which was an easement.


5. Hardihood – bravery; confidence to take action

Synonyms: courage, resolution, temerity, pluck, brazeness, fortitude, audacity

Antonyms: cowardice, faintness, infirmity, frailness, delicacy

Usage: The hardihood of the solider helped him survive while lost in the jungle while never giving up.


6. Ineffable – incapable of being expressed in words

Synonyms: untellable, incredible, splendid, empyreal, ravishing

Antonyms: describable, utterable, hellish, profane, secular

Usage: Surprisingly, the woman was nonchalant about her husband’s death.


7. Linger – to stay in a situation or place

Synonyms: loiter, dawdle, endure, hesitate, saunter, persevere

Antonyms: advance, sprint, vagabond, outstrip, gallop, hurtle

Usage: After school some students always linger around the building to talk to their friends.


8. Manacle – an item that functions as a control or restraint

Synonyms:  shackle, restraint, hobble, inhibit, impediment

Antonyms: unloose, detached, extrication, gratuitous, enlarge

Usage: Mutinous employees are protesting low wages by not showing up for work.


9. Pesky – irritating; annoying

Synonyms: vexatious, irksome, pestiferous, obnoxious, exasperating

Antonyms: admired, bearable, cheering, disarming, enthralling

Usage: Because she dislikes children, Reema wishes her pesky little neighbors would go annoy someone else.


10. Sprightly – full of vigor; active

Synonyms: animated, vivacious, playful, jaunty, perky, frisky, agile

Antonyms: sluggish, lethargic, inactive

Usage: The sprightly old woman walks two miles every day.

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