Vocabulary Set – 63

1. Invincible – not possible to be defeated or harmed

Synonyms: unconquerable, impregnable, unsubdued, unbeatable

Antonyms: effeminate, lanquid, crippled, fragile

Usage: The horrific nightmare filled the woman with consternation.


2. Infringe – to trespass upon something

Synonyms:  violate, encroach, transgress, trespass

Antonyms: comply, concur, confirm, observe

Usage: Having that much work to do at home will only infringe upon my time with my family.


3. Gracious – courteous and kind

Synonyms: Courteous, Beneficient, Magnificent, Dignified

Antonyms: Rude, Unforgiving, Discourteous, Uncourtly

Usage: When I met the princess, she was gracious and friendly despite her twelve- hour plane ride.


4. Encumbrance – burden or hindrance

Synonyms: Hindrance, obstacle, burden, impediment

Antonyms: Incentive, stimulant, patronize, vantage

Usage: He is a great writer, but his inner critic has always been an encumbrance to his own satisfaction with his work.


5. Commodious – spacious and convenient; roomy and comfortable

Synonyms: Convenient, suitable, roomy, comfortable

Antonyms:Inconvenient, confined, unsuitable

Usage: Even though the house seems to be quite commodious, it’s really too run down to justify paying that kind of money for it.


6. Adjunct – something that is joined or added to another thing, but not part of the whole

Synonyms: Appendage, complement, addition, joining

Antonyms:Lessening, separation, removal, subtraction

Usage: At the family reunion, I felt like an adjunct member because I was not blood related to anyone.


7. Arraign – to charge someone in a court of law

Synonyms: Charge, blame, accuse, complain

Antonyms: Exculpate, pardon, condone, exonerate

Usage: They wanted to arraign the thief for stealing cars on the same day he was arrested.


8. Admonish – to scold; to warn strongly

Synonyms: Counsel, Reprove, warn, chastise

Antonyms: Approve, applaud, flattery

Usage: I hope my boss does not admonish me for being late.


9. Bustle – to move in a noisy or hurried manner

Synonyms: Haste, tumult, stir, flurry

Antonyms: Slowness, quiet, inertness

Usage: He was running late so she had to bustle to reach her office on time.


10. Baffle – totally confused or puzzled

Synonyms: Confound, elude, frustrate, perplex

Antonyms: Poise, composure, facilitate, co-operate

Usage: The complex puzzle baffled me for several hours before I could connect all the pieces.

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