Vocabulary Set – 61

1. Conundrum – a confusing and difficult problem or question.

Synonyms: enigma, mystery, problem, stumper, cruncher

Antonyms: solution, clarification , explanation

Usage: Trying to solve this conundrum is really making my head hurt.


2. Provocative – tending to provoke or stimulate

Synonyms: annoying, irritating, exasperating, infuriating, maddening

Antonyms: soothing, calming

Usage: The purpose of the con artist’s provocative speech is to inspire us to give him our life savings.


3. Vindicate – to clear from an accusation, suspicion or criticism

Synonyms: acquit, absolve, exonerate, exculpate, discharge, liberate

Antonyms: convict, blame, incriminate

Usage: Don’t even try to use your charm and good looks to vindicate your obnoxious behavior last night.


4. Venerable – worthy of respect because of age, position, or dignity

Synonyms: august, distinguished, acclaimed, celebrated, revered

Antonyms: disreputable, dishonourable

Usage: The title of country president should only be held by a venerable man who has earned the respect of his countrymen.


5. Sagacity – ability to make good judgments and decisions

Synonyms: wisdom, intelligence, understanding, judgement, acuity

Antonyms: stupidity

Usage: The coach’s sagacity enabled the team to win.


6. Reverence – honor or respect felt or shown

Synonyms: acclaim, admiration, approbation, favour, recognition; worship,

Antonyms: scorn

Usage: We can never show enough reverence for our military service workers.


7. Querulous – full of complaints; complaining

Synonyms: petulant, pettish, touchy, testy, tetchy, waspish, prickly

Antonyms: affable, genial

Usage: I asked the querulous students in my classroom to put down all their complaints in writing.


8. Precocious – having mature qualities at an unusually early age

Synonyms: advanced, forward, mature, quick, developed, untimely

Antonyms: backward, slow

Usage: Because William was insolent to the principal, he got suspended from school for three days.


9. Jubilation – a feeling of great happiness and triumph.

Synonyms: exultation, triumph, joy, rejoicing, elation, euphoria, ecstasy

Antonyms: despondency

Usage: unbelievable scenes of jubilation


10. Inevitable  – certain to happen; unavoidable.

Synonyms: unavoidable, inescapable, inexorable, unpreventable, assured

Antonyms: avoidableuncertain

Usage: The changing of the seasons is an inevitable aspect of the Earth’s climate.

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