Table 110

Directions (Q. 6-10): A person purchased 5 Gadgets from a shop and sold them online. Given below is the data showing cost price, selling price and profit/loss percentage. 
Q6. Cost price of Laptop is what percent of selling price of Tablet? (approximate) 
(a) 138%
(b) 182%
(c) 142%
(d) 154%
(e) 186%
Q7. If there has been a profit of 12% on Tablet instead of 12% loss. Then the new S.P. is how much more than the original S.P.?
(a) 5216
(b) 5396
(c) 5336
(d) 5316
(e) None of these
Q8. Profit percentage on Digital camera is what percent more/less than profit percentage on Laptop?
(a) 50% more
(b) 33.34% less
(c) 33.67% more
(d) 50% less
(e) 150% less
Q9. What is the ratio between profit percentage of Smart Watch to profit percentage of Smartphone?
(a) 5 : 3
(b) 3 : 2
(c) 3 : 5
(d) 2 : 5
(e) None of these
Q10. What is the overall profit/loss percentage? (approximate) 
(a) 22.12% profit
(b) 12.12% profit
(c) 14.14% profit
(d) 33.12% loss
(e) 15.15% loss

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