Table 107

Directions (Q.1- 5): There are five students who appeared for RBI Grade B exam. Paper consists of 100 questions with 1 mark for each correct answer and 0.25 marks for each wrong answer. 

Q1. Difference between total right number of questions of all students together and total wrong no. of questions of all students together is
(a) 141
(b) 161
(c) 223
(d) 156
(e) None of these
Q2. Marks obtained by Aditya and Puskar together is what % of the marks obtained by Anshuman, Avanish and Alka together ? (rounded off to 2 decimal places)
(a) 106.54%
(b) 91.16%
(c) 95.20%
(d) 96.71%
(e) 101.71%
Q3. If the penalty of the wrong answer is 0.33 then marks obtained by Aditya, Anshuman and Puskar together is
(a) 192.21
(b) 224.19
(c) 190.86
(d) 219.14
(e) 194.22
Q4. If the passing % marks in the exam is 50 marks than at least how many questions has to be answered right by Puskar? (He attempted 92 questions) 
(a) 58
(b) 56
(c)  59
(d) 55
(e) 60
Q5. What is the percent of marks obtained by all of them together?
(a) 59.03%
(b) 53.15%
(c) 52.53%
(d) 45.05%
(e) 55.25%

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