Table 106

Directions(Q.11-15): Study the pie chart and line graph to answer the following questions.
Percentage profit or loss for following dry fruits is based on the sum of cost price and transportation cost.

Q11. The percentage profit on Pista is 5%. What will be its selling price?
(a) 1000
(b) 1250
(c) 1260
(d) 1200
(e) 1160
Q12. The selling price of Groundnut is what percent of the cost price of Prune?
(a) 200%
(b) 250%
(c) 280%
(d) 255%
(e) 240%
Q13. What is the ratio of the loss on Apricot to that on Prune?
(a) 49 : 58
(b) 50 : 57
(c) 50 : 59
(d) 40 : 47
(e) None of these
Q14. What is the difference between the selling price of Raisins and that of Groundnut?
(a) 4098
(b) 4100
(c) 4000
(d) 4198
(e) 3998
Q15.If the loss on Pista is 10% then its selling price is what percentage less than the selling price of Raisins?
(a) 89%
(b) 92%
(c) 94%
(d) 84%
(e) 88%

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