Quiz – 411

Quant Quiz

Q1. When a person reduces his speed from 42 km/hr to 36 km/hr he takes 20 min more than his usual time taken. Find the usual time taken by him?
1. 2 hr              2.1.5 hr             3.2.25 hr                 4.Can’t be determined              5.None of the above

Q2. A boat takes 90 minutes less to travel 36 km downstream than to travel the same distance upstream. If the speed of the boat in still water is 10km/hr, the speed of stream is:
1. 4 km/hr              2. 3 km/hr                  3. 2 km/hr              4. Can’t be determined              5. None of the above

Q3. Two trains start at the same time from A and B and proceed towards each other at 80 km/hr and 95 km/hr respectively, when the trains meet, it is found that one has travelled 180 km more than the other. Find the distance between A and B.
1. 210 km                 2. 2100 km                3. 2000 km              4. 2010 km              5. None of the above

Q4. A car covers a distance between two cities at a speed of 60 km/hr and on the return his speed is 40 km/hr. He goes again from the 1st to 2nd city at twice the original speed and returns at half the original return speed. Find his average speed for the entire journey.
1. 55 km/hr                2. 48 km/hr                 3. 50 km/hr              4. 40 km/hr              5. None of the above

Q5. A train leaves Manipur at 6:am and reaches Dispur at 10 am. Another train leaves Dispur at 8:am and reaches Manipur at 11:30 am. At what time do the two trains cross each other?
1. 7:56 am                 2. 8:56 am                   3. 8:56 pm                4. Can’t be determined              5. None of the above

Q6. A man decides to travel 80 km in 8 hr. partly by foot and partly on a bicycle. If his speed on foot is 8 km/hr and on bicycle 16 km/hr, what distance would he travel on foot?
1. 20 km               2. 48 km               3. 30 km              4. 60 km              5. None of the above

Q7. A train travels at the rate of 50 km/hr without stoppages and it travels at 40 km/hr with stoppages. How many minutes does the train stop on an average per hour? (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
1. 6 min               2. 12 min               3. 18 min              4. 14 min              5. None of the above

Q8. Amit walks at a uniform speed of 4 km/hr and 4 hr after his start, Brijesh cycles after him at the uniform rate of 20 km/hr. How far from the starting point will Brijesh catch Amit?
1. 15 km              2. 18 km              3. 13 km                4. 20 km              5. None of the above

Q9. If Sohali walks from his home to office at 16 km/hr he is late by 5 min. If he walks at 20 km/hr, he reaches 10 min before the office time. Find the distance of his office from his house.
1. 22 km               2. 20 km                  3. 18 km               4. 16 km            5. None of the above

Q10. A takes 4 hr more than the time taken by B to walk D km. If A doubles his speed, he can make it in 2 hr less than that of B. How much time does B require for walking D km.
1. 8 hr                2. 4 hr              3. 6 hr            4. 9 hr            5. None of the above


1.a              2.c              3.b              4.d              5.b              6.b              7.b              8.d              9.b              10.a


Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions:
Seven people, namely Mukesh, Naval, Onisha, Pintu, Queen, Reshma and Seena have an anniversary but not necessarily in the same order, in seven different months (of the same year), namely February, March, April, June, September, October and November. Each of them also likes a different flower, namely Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Marigold, Daffodil, Sunflower and Orchid but not necessarily in the same order. 
Reshma has an anniversary in the month which has more than 30 days. Only one person has an anniversary between Reshma and the one who likes Rose. Both Seena and Onisha have an anniversary in one of the months after the one who likes Rose. Seena has an anniversary immediately before Onisha. The one who likes Lily has an anniversary in the month which has less than 30 days. Only three people have an anniversary between the one who likes Lily and the one who likes Orchid. Only two people have an anniversary between Seena and the one who likes Marigold. Pintu has an anniversary immediately after the one who likes Marigold. Only two people have an anniversary between Pintu and Queen. Mukesh has an anniversary immediately before the one who likes Jasmine. Onisha does not like Sunflower. 

Q1. Which of the following represents the month in which Seena has an anniversary? 
(a) Cannot be determined             (b) October             (c) March             (d) April             (e) September

Q2. Which of the following does Onisha like?
(a) Rose             (b) Jasmine             (c) Marigold             (d) Daffodil             (e) Orchid

Q3. As per the given arrangement, Lily is related to April and Marigold is related to September following a certain pattern. Which of the following is Orchid related to following the same pattern? 
(a) February             (b) June             (c) October             (d) November             (e) March

Q4. Which of the following represents the people who have an anniversary in April and November respectively? 
(a) Naval, Mukesh             (b) Queen, Mukesh             (c) Queen, Onisha            (d) Naval, Onisha             (e) Naval, Seena

Q5. How many people have an anniversary between the months in which Queen and Mukesh have an anniversary?
(a) None             (b) One             (c) Three             (d) Two             (e) More than three

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information and answer the questions:
Seven friends Monty, Neon, Orange, Prince, Queen, Ricky and Smith attend different language classes, namely French, English, Spanish, Sanskrit, Chinese, German and Japanese, but not necessarily in the same order, from Monday to Sunday (of the same week). 
Monty attends a class on Friday. Only two persons attend classes between Monty and the one who is learning Sanskrit. Ricky attends a class immediately before Prince. Neither Ricky nor Prince is learning Sanskrit. Only one person attends a class between Ricky and the one who is learning Spanish. The one who is learning Spanish does not have a class on Monday. Neon attends a class immediately before the one who is learning French. Monty is not learning French. Only one person has a class between Ricky and Queen. Orange is learning German. Only two persons have classes between Orange and the one who is learning Chinese. Queen is not learning Japanese.

Q6. Which of the following represents those who have language classes immediately before and immediately after Neon? 
(a) Prince, Monty             (b) Queen, Monty             (c) Queen, Ricky            (d) Other than those given as options            (e) Ricky, Prince

Q7. Which of the following languages is Queen learning? 
(a) Other than those given as options             (b) Chinese             (c) English             (d) Spanish             (e) Sanskrit

Q8. As per the given arrangement, Queen is related to Chinese and Ricky is related to Japanese in a certain way. To which of the following is Prince related to in the same way?
(a) Sanskrit             (b) Other than given as options            (c) Spanish             (d) English             (e) French

Q9. Four of the following five form a group as per the given arrangement. Which of the following does not belong to that group? 
(a) Queen-Tuesday             (b) Neon-Thursday             (c) Smith-Sunday             (d) Monty-Saturday            (e) Prince-Friday

Q10. On which of the following days does Prince have a class? 
(a) Monday             (b) Thursday             (c) Wednesday             (d) Tuesday             (e) Sunday


1.b           2.d           3.d           4.d           5.c           6.c           7.c           8.b           9.b           10.b


English Quiz

Directions (1-5): Pick up the correct synonyms for each of the following words.
Q1. FORESEE           
(a) contemplate            (b) visualise            (c) assume            (d) hypothesis            (e) None of these

(a) add            (b) low            (c) copy            (d) initial            (e) None of these

(a) suffocation            (b) system            (c) law            (d) household            (e) None of these

(a) disease            (b) malady            (c) weakness            (d) slimness            (e) None of these

(a) eminent            (b) immediate            (c) future            (d) impending            (e) None of these

Direction (6-15): Pick up the correct antonyms for each of the following words.

(a) contradicting            (b) wishing            (c) jolting            (d) forcing            (e) re-inventing

(a) output            (b) rise            (c) slide            (d) slack            (e) input

(a) Hope            (b) Depended            (c) Grew            (d) Pretended            (e) Integrated

(a) Reduced            (b) Moderated            (c) Depreciated            (d) Encouraged            (e) Recovered

(a) Secluded            (b) Embraced            (c) Included            (d) Loved            (e) Delivered

(a) recoiled            (b) killed            (c) accepted            (d) mistrusted            (e) ignored

(a) Unhealthy            (b) Massive            (c) Rich            (d) Robust            (e) Civilized

(a) Wisely            (b) Unfairly            (c) Rudely            (d) Reluctantly            (e) Unimpressively

(a) Offended            (b) Stunned            (c) Repulsed            (d) Jealous            (e) Outraged

(a) unenthusiastic              (b) efficient              (c) boring              (d) impartial              (e) incompetent

Answer & Explanation


Sol. If you visualise something, you imagine what it is like by forming a mental picture of it. You may visualize future events as well, your wedding for example. You thus foresee your wedding.



Sol. From Akbar to Aurangzeb, every Mughal emperor went on annexing one kingdom or another to what they inherited. In other words, each of them added to his father’s empire.



Sol. A ménage is a group of people living together in one house. In other words, a household.



Sol. If something is firm, it is strong enough to maintain its balance. Infirmity ,therefore suggests weakness.



Sol. IMMINENT- about to happen., impend- be about to happen



Sol. REINFORCING-strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material.

contradicting -deny the truth of (a statement) by asserting the opposite.



Sol. SLUMP- sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply.



Sol. shrink-become or make smaller in size or amount.



Sol. DETERIORATED-become progressively worse.



Sol.  BANISHED-send (someone) away from a country or place as an official punishment.



Sol. BEFRIENDED-act as or become a friend to (someone), especially when they are in need of help or support.



Sol.  FRAIL-(of a person) weak and delicate.



Sol. SPLENDIDLY-very impressive and beautiful



Sol. CHARMED-(of a person’s life or a period of this) unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic.



Sol.  AVID-having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.


Computer Quiz

Q1. Specialised program(s) designed to allow particular input or output device(s) to communicate with the rest of the computer system is called  _______.
(a) Computer               (b) Device drivers               (c) Interpreters               (d) Operating system                (e) ROM

Q2. The Internet is a system of ______.
(a) Bugs              (b) Interconnected networks               (c) System software              (d) Operating systems              (e) I/O Devices

Q3. Seting fonts for the text in your document is an example of:
(a) Formatting               (b) Formulas              (c) Tracking changes              (d) Tools              (e) None of the above

Q4. Wat is Window Explorer? 
(a) Personal Computer              (b) Network               (c) Drive              (d) File Manager              (e) Web browser

Q5. What does JAR stand for?
(a) JQuerry Application Rapid-development              (b) Java Application Resolution              (c) Java Archive
(d) JQuerry Application Resolution              (e) None of the above

Q6. Which among the following type of computers is also known informally as Number crunchier?  
(a) Mini computer               (b) Super computer               (c) Micro computer               (d) Mainframe computer              (e) None of these

Q7. Which among the following organisation developed a SAGA-220 super computer in 2011?
(a) ISRO              (b) NASA               (c) C-DAC              (d) BARC              (e) None of these

Q8. In MS-DOS 6.22, which part identifies the product uniquely?
(a) MS              (b) DOS              (c) Ms – DOS              (d) 6.22              (e) None of these

Q9. Copy and X Copy are same in the sense __________. 
(a) Both are internal command of DOS              (b) Both are external commands of DOS
(c) Both can be used to copy file or group of files              (d) Both a and b               (e) None of these

Q10. Which of the following are valid minimum & maximum zoom sizes in MS word?  
(a) 0,100               (b) 0,1000              (c) 10,500              (d) 10,100              (e) None of these

Q11. Each time you turn on your computer, it will check on the control file 
(a) Cammand.com, io.sys, msdos.sys               (b) Command.com. io.sys              (c) Command.com, date.com, dir.com
(d) Chkdsk.exe              (e) None of these

Q12. Which among the following options specifies this action: Holding the mouse button down while moving an object of text?
(a) moving              (b) dragging              (c) saving              (d) highlighting              (e) None of these

Q13. Name the program a personal computer’s microprocessor uses to get the computer system started after you turn it on.
(a) BIOS               (b) VAIO              (c) I/O              (d) AVG              (e) VMware

Q14. Which among the following options is the line that describes the contents of the message while sending an e-mail?
(a) BCC               (b) to              (c) subject              (d) cc              (e) None of these

Q15. Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu?
(a) fly-but               (b) cascading              (c) pop-down               (d) pull-down              (e) go-up

Answer & Explanation

S1. Ans.(b)

Sol.  A device driver is a program that controls a particular type of device that is attached to your computer. There are device drivers for printers, displays, CD-ROM readers, diskette drives, and so on. When you buy an operating system, many device drivers are built into the product.


S2. Ans.(b)

Sol. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide.


S3. Ans.(a)

Sol. Formatting refers to changing font, font-size, indentation, appearance of the text.


S4. Ans.(d)

Sol. Windows Explorer displays the hierarchical structure of files, folders, and drives on your computer.


S5. Ans.(c)

Sol. In software, JAR (Java Archive) is a package file format typically used to aggregate many Java class files and associated metadata and resources (text, images, etc.) into one file to distribute application software or libraries on the Java platform.


S6. Ans.(b)

Sol. Super Computers are also known as number crunchers. A super computer’s dominant characteristic is its ability to perform large amounts of numerical computations quickly.


S7. Ans.(a)

Sol. SAGA-220 is a supercomputer built by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).


S8. Ans. (d)

Sol. 6.22 specifies its version.


S9. Ans. (c)

Sol. Copy and X Copy both can be used to copy file or group of files.


S10. Ans. (c)

Sol. 10 and 500 are valid minimum & maximum zoom sizes in MS word.


S11. Ans. (a)

Sol. In the PC bootup sequence, the first sector of the boot disk is loaded into memory and executed. If this is the DOS boot sector, it loads the first three sectors of IO.SYS into memory and transfers control to it. IO.SYS then: loads the rest of itself into memory-initializes each default device driver -loads the DOS kernel and calls its initialization routine. The kernel is stored in MSDOS.SYS- processes the MSDOS.SYS- processes the CONFIG.SYS file- loads COMMAND.COM- displays the bootsplash in Windows


S12. Ans.(b)

Sol.  Dragging is the gesture of Holding the mouse button down while moving an object of text or image or any file or its part.


S13. Ans.(a)

Sol.  BIOS (basic input/output system) is the program a personal computer’s microprocessor uses to get the computer system started after you turn it on. It also manages data flow between the computer’s operating system and attached devices such as the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard, mouse and printer.


S14. Ans.(c)

Sol. Subject line in short describes content of an e-mail.


S15. Ans.(d)

Sol. Drop Down menu is also called drop down list or pull down list.

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