97. Hand out (distribute) Hand out the books to the students.
98. Hand over (give charge or authority) He has not handed over charge to the new manager.
99. Hang about (stay waiting, roam about) The boys hanging about girls’ hostel were rounded up by the police.
100. Hold on (carry on, bear d persist) Inspite of financial difficulties he held on and succeeded in the long run.
101. Hold out (resist) When the robbers ran short of ammunition, they could no longer hold out.
102. Hold over (postpone) Most of the bills are held over till the next session of the Parliament.
103. Hold up(to stop in order to rob, delay) The terrorists held up the motor car and kept the ladies as hostages.
104. Jump at (accept happily) He jumped at the offer of his boss to accept the job abroad.
105. Jump to (arrive suddenly [conclusion]) You should never jump to conclusions.
106. Keep from (refrain from, not to mix with) Always keep from selfish people because they can harm you anytime.
107. Keep off (keep at a distance) There was a notice at the site, “Keep off the bushes.”
108. Keep on (continue) She kept on crying inspite of my assurance of help.
109. Keep up (maintain) Always try to keep up the standard of life even in the face of crises,
110. Keep up with (try to move with, not to fall behind) Young men should keep up with the latest development in international field.

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