111. Lay by (save money) The wise men always lay by money for their old age.
112. (Be) Laid up with (confined to bed) She is not going out as she is laid up with the flu.
113. Lay down (establish a rule, sacrifice, surrender) The conditions laid down by the Department of Health were violated by the nursing homes
114. Lay off (to discontinue work; dismiss temporarily) The workers have been laid off for want of raw material.
115. Lay out (plan building, garden etc.) A number of gardens were laid ‘out by the Moghuls.
116. Let down (humiliate, to lower down) We should never let down our friends.
117. Let into (allow to enter) After repeated requests he was let into the classroom.
118. Let off (to free from punishment, pardon) She was let off by the Principal with light punishment.
119. Let (somebody) in on (share a secret) I will not let her in on my plans.
120. Let up (cessation, respite) There is no let up in heat during May.
121. Live on (depend for food (staple food) The lion is carnivorous and lives on flesh.
122. Live by (means/manner) You must learn to live by honest means.
123. Live off (source of income) They were living off rental income.
124. Look about (in search of on the watch) The thirsty crow was looking about water here & there.
125. Look after (take care of) In her old age she has no one to look after her.
126. Look at (see carefully) The boys are looking at the sky.
127. Look back on (to think of the past) People can often look back and reflect on happy childhood memories.
128. Look for (search for a lost thing) She was looking for her lost books.
129. Look down upon (hate, despise) It is folly on your part to look down upon the poor students.
130. Look into (investigate the matter) A committee was set up to look into the problem.
131. Look on (to see as a spectator) His parents looked on with a triumphant smile.
132. Look over (examine carefully, go over) The examiner has yet to look over practice note books.
133. Look out (watch out, careful, beware) Look out, there is a snake under the bush.
134. Look out for (in search of on the watch) He is looking out for a decent job.
135. Look to (rely upon, be careful) The poor look to financial help from the government.
136. Look up (consult some book for a word, rise) Please look up this word in the dictionary.
137. Look upto (respect) His younger brother looks upto him and obeys his every order.
138. Look upon (consider, regard) We must look upon social evils as nuisance.

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