Strong & Weak Arguments

Strong & Weak Arguments Set 16

Q1. Statement: Should admission to all professional courses be made on the basis of past academic performance rather than through entrance tests? Arguments: Yes. It will be beneficial for those candidates who are unable to bear the expenses of entrance tests. Yes. Many deserving candidates securing high marks in their qualifying academic examinations do not …

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Strong & Weak Arguments Set 15

Q1. Statement: Should all the students graduating in any discipline desirous of pursuing post-graduation of the subjects of their choice be allowed to enrol in the post-graduate courses? Arguments: Yes. The students are the best judge of their capabilities and there should not be restrictions for joining post-graduate courses. No. The students need to study …

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Strong & Weak Arguments Set 13

Q1. Statement: Should people with educational qualification higher than the optimum requirements be debarred from seeking jobs? Arguments: No. It will further aggravate the problem of educated unemployment. Yes. It creates complexes among employees and affects the work adversely. No. This goes against the basic rights of the individuals. Yes. This will increase productivity. A. …

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