Coding Decoding (New Pattern) Set 74

Directions (1-5): These questions are based on the following information.
‘divorce your past’ written as-  3.5V   2G    2I
‘break up with future’ is written as- 2.5P   3V    1K    2S
‘marry the present’ is written as-  3.5G   1.5V   2.5B



i. The last letter of the code represents the opposite letter (reverse letter)the of last letter of the word according to alphabetical order.
For example
A-Z, B-Y, C-X, D-W, E-V, F-U, G-T, H-S, I-R, J-Q, K-P, L-O, M-N
ii. Every number represents the total number of letters in the word divide by 2.

Q1. What is the code for ‘Unhealthy’?
(a) 4.5B
(b) 2.5V
(c) 1.5B
(d) 2.5H
(e)None of these
Q2. ’4O’ can be the code of which of the following word?
(a) activities
(b) best
(c) increase
(d) Physical
(e)None of these
Q3. What is the code for ‘future’?
(a) 2.5P
(b) 1K
(c) 3V
(d) 2S
(e)None of these
Q4. According to the given pattern, what is the code for ‘People’?
(a) 1.5D
(b) 2P
(c) 5M
(d) 3V
(e)None of these
Q5. According to the following pattern, what is the correct code for ‘must’?
(a) 2G
(b) 1.5M
(c) 1A
(d) 2Z
(e) None of these



1. Ans. (a)
2. Ans. (d)
3. Ans. (c)
4. Ans. (d)
5. Ans. (a)


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