Bar Diagram 69

Directions (11 – 15): Read the given bar graph and answer the following questions. 

Q11. Approximately how many students taking a loan from UCO in 2009 and PNB in 2010 were defaulters if 23% from UCO in 2009 and 20% from PNB in 2010 have defaulted?
(a) 630
(b) 650
(c) 600
(d) 750
(e) 840
Q12. In 2007, no of defaulters in SBI was 5%. However each year no of defaulters increases by 10% in number.   What will be the difference between the number of defaulters of SBI in the Month 2009 and 2012?
(a) 1500
(b) 2000
(c) 1325
(d) 1456
(e) Cannot be determined
Q13. In which of the following years, the difference in no. of students taking the loan from Bank BOB from the previous year is highest?
(a) 2008
(b) 2009
(c) 2010
(d) 2012
(e) None of these
Q14. If on average, Rs. 175000 per students education loan sanctioned by OBC bank all over the years. What will be total amount sanctioned by OBC in all given years?
(a) 1055600000
(b) 1055800000
(c) 1620000000
(d) 1050000000
(e) None of the above
Q15. What is the ratio of Number of students taking Education Loans from SBI and BOB together in all the Years and the total no of students taking Education loans in 2010 and 2011 together?
(a) 8 : 5
(b) 5 : 7
(c) 7 : 5
(d) 9 : 7
(e) None of these

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