Table 84

Directions (1-5): Study the table to answer the given questions.

Percentage of people (male and female) who watch the TV

Series out of the total population of the city

CityTotal population of the cityBig Bang TheoryArrowBreaking BadMentalist

Q1. What is the difference between the total number of people living in City R, Q and T together who do not watch Arrow and the total number of people living in these three cities together who watch Arrow?

(a) 47200

(b) 45300

(c) 47400

(d) 47600

(e) 45600

Q2. What is the average number of males who watch Big Bang Theory in all the cities together?

(a) 6320

(b) 6380

(c) 6340

(d) 6350

(e) 6360

Q3. The ratio of the total number of males to the total number of females in City P is 5:3. What percent of the female population watches Breaking Bad in City P?

(a) 55 1/3

(b) 55 2/3

(c) 58 1/3

(d) 53 1/3

(e) 53 2/3

Q4. The total population (males and females) of City R watching Mentalist is what percent more than the total population (male and female) of City T watching the same TV Series?

(a) 83/7 %

(b) 85/7 %

(c) 84/7 %

(d) 73/7 %

(e) 74/7 %

Q5. What is the ratio of the number of females who watch Breaking Bad in City Q and City S together to the number of females who watch Mentalist in the same cities together?

(a) 59 : 47

(b) 55 : 48

(c) 59 : 42

(d) 55 : 43

(e) 59 : 45

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