Table 51

Directions (1-4): The following table gives the percentage distribution of population of five states, P, Q, R, S and  T on the basis of poverty line and also on the basis of sex. Study the table and answer the questions based on it.

StatePercentage of population below poverty lineProportion of Males and Females
below poverty lineabove poverty line
M  : FM : F
P355 : 66 : 7
Q25                  3 : 54 : 5
R241 : 22 : 3
S193 : 24 : 3
T15  5 : 33 : 2


Q1. What will be the number of females above poverty line in the State S if it is known that the population of state S is 7 million?
A. 3 million
B. 2.43 million
C. 1.33 million
D. 5.7 million
E 1.61 million
Q2. If the male population above poverty line for state R is 1.9 million, then the total population of state R is:
A 4.5 million
B 4.85 million
C 5.35 million
D 6.25 million
E 7.6 million
Q3. What will be the male population above poverty line for state P if the female population below poverty line for state P is 2.1 million?
A 2.1 million
B 2.3 million
C 2.7 million
D 3.3 million
E. 3.4 million
Q4. If the population of males below poverty line for state Q is 2.4 million and that for state T is 6 million, then the total populations of states Q and T are in the ratio:
A 1:3
B 2:5
C 3:7
D 4:9
E 5:12



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