Rows Set 75

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Ten people are sitting in two parallel rows containing five people each, in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In Row 1, Ranjan, Raj, Rahul, Radha and Radhika are seated and all of them are facing towards South direction and in Row 2, Sudha, Sujain, Shivam, Subham and Subha are sitting and all of them are facing towards North. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member in the other row.
One of immediate neighbour of Ranjan faces Sujain. Rahul sits second to the right of Radhika who faces the immediate neighbour of Sudha who sits immediate right of Subham. There is one person sits between Raj and Radha who faces Sudha.The one who faces Shivam sits second to right of Radha. Shivam sits one of the extreme end of the row.



Q1. Who among the following sits immediate left of Raj? 
(a) Rahaul
(b) Radhika
(c) Ranjan
(d) Radha
(e) None of these
Q2. Who among the following faces Sujain? 
(a) Raj
(b) Rahaul
(c) Ranjan
(d) Radhika
(e) Radha
Q3. Who among the following faces the one who sits immediate left of Radhika? 
(a) Subha
(b) Subham
(c) Shivam
(d) Sujain
(e) Sudha
Q4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their seating positions and so form a group. Which of the following is different from the group? 
(a) Radhika
(b) Rahaul
(c) Sujain
(d) Sudha
(e) Subham
Q5. Who among following sits immediate left of Subha? 
(a) Sujain
(b) Sudha
(c) Subham
(d) Shivam
(e) None of these





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