Analytical Reasoning Set 89

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. 
Eight boxes namely M, N O, P, R, S, T and U are placed from top to bottom but not necessarily in the same order. They contain different types of items i.e Medicine, Pen, Vegetable, Fruit, Cloth, Ice-cream, book and Mobile but not necessarily in the same order. Boxes are of different materials i.e Gold, Steel, Silver and Copper material. Exactly two boxes are there of each material. Consider top as 1st position and so on. The following information is known about them.
There is gap of one box between the box T which is Steel material and box R and both are in the top 4 positions when boxes are arranged from top to bottom. The box containing Fruit item is kept immediately below the Silver material box and is of same material as T. Box S is kept somewhere between N and O. Box O is below S. The two Copper boxes are kept vertically adjacent to each other. The box which contain Vegetable is kept exactly between M and the box containing Ice-cream. O doesn’t contain Medicine. There is gap of one box between the box U and box N, which is kept immediately below the box containing Fruit . Box U is below the box N. The box R is not of gold material. The box containing Mobile is placed at even numbered place but is not placed at the bottom. The box which is of Gold material is kept at top and contains either Medicine or book . Box U is not of Copper material. Box M which contains Cloth is of Silver material. The box containing Pen is of Silver material. S doesn’t contain any of Medicine or Mobile . Box R does not contain Pen and mobile.



Q1.Which box contains Pen ? 
(a) P
(b) R
Q2. Which box is of Silver material? 
Q3.Which box is placed at top? 
(a)The box which contains book
Q4. Which box is placed at bottom? 
Q5. N contains which of the following item? 



1. Ans.(d)
2. Ans.(b)
3. Ans.(e)
4. Ans.(d)
5. Ans.(c)


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