Square Set 15

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Eight family members Dhruv, Garima, Avinash, Varsha, Aakash, Deepti, Charu and Moksh are sitting around a square table in such a way that two persons sit on each of the four sides of the table facing the centre. Members sitting on opposite sides are exactly opposite each other.

Aakash and Garima are exactly opposite each other. Deepti is immediately right to Garima. Dhruv and Moksh are sitting on the same side. Moksh is exactly opposite Avinash, who is to the immediate left of Varsha. Dhruv is towards right of Deepti.



Q1. Which of the following statements is definitely true?

1) Charu is opposite Varsha.                                        2) Deepti is to the left of Garima.

3) Avinash is towards the right of Aakash.                4) Moksh is sitting opposite Dhruv.

5) None of these

Q2. Who is sitting opposite Dhruv?

1) Charu           2) Deepti            3) Varsha           4) Moksh              5) None of these

Q3. Who is sitting opposite Deepti?

1) Moksh           2) Charu            3) Varsha         4) Charu or Varsha             5) None of these

Q4. Who is next to Varsha in anti-clockwise direction?

1) Garima           2) Avinash             3) Dhruv         4) Deepti           5) None of these

Q5. Which of the following pairs of persons has both the persons sitting on

the same side with first person sitting to the left of second person?

1) Aakash — Charu            2) Moksh — Charu             3) Dhruv — Aakash         4) Avinash — Charu            5) None of these


1. 3

2. 3

3. 2

4. 1

5. 5

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