Analytical reasoning Set 59

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

A private bank deputed eight of its managers P, T, D, E, J, Q, M and R to different cities Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Cochin, Pune and Ahmedabad for marketing of three different products X, Y and Z. The order of managers, cities and products is not necessarily the same. Each product is marketed in not less than two cities and not more than three cities. T goes to Delhi for marketing of product Y. J goes to Hyderabad for marketing of product Z. E does not go to Bangalore or Jaipur and markets the same product as M, who goes to Ahmedabad. R goes to Chennai for marketing of product Z. Same product is marketed in Bangalore and Delhi. E and Q are marketing the same product. P goes to Pune for marketing of product Z.


Product – Manager (city)

X  – Q(Jaipur), E(Cochin), M(Ahmedabad)

Y  –   T(Delhi), D (Bangalore)

Z  –   J(Hyderabad), R (Chennai), P(Pune)


Q1. Which of the following groups of managers go for marketing product ‘X’?

1) E, Q, R                    2) J, Q, M                3) J, M, R                  4) Q, M, R                    5) None of these

Q2. E goes to which of the following cities?

1) Jaipur            2) Cochin            3) Ahmedabad           4) Cannot be determined                5) None of these

Q3. Which of the following combination of product, manager and city is correct?

1) X – Q – Jaipur                    2) X – Q – Cochin                   3) X – E – Bangalore             4) Y – D – Cochin                  5) None of these

Q4. Which of the following persons go for marketing of product Y?

1) Q, D, M              2) Q, T            3) T, D, Q             4) T, D            5) None of these

Q5. Who goes to Bangalore?

1) Q                 2) M               3) D                4) D or Q               5) None of these


1. 5

2. 2

3. 1

4. 4

5. 3

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