Analytical reasoning Set 57

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

P, Q, R, S, T, V, W and Z are eight friends studying in three different engineering colleges – A, B and C in three disciplines – Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics with not less than two and not more than three in any college. Not more than three of them study in any of the three disciplines. W studies Electrical in college B with only T, who studies Mechanical. P and Z do not study in college C and study in the same discipline but not Electrical. R studies Mechanical in college C with V, who studies Electrical. S studies Mechanical and does not study in the same college where R studies. Q does not study Electronics.


College     Student

    A          P(Electronics),     Z (Electronics),     S(Mechanical)

    B          W (Electrical),     T (Mechanical)

    C          R (Mechanical),     V (Electrical),     Q (Electrical)


Q1. Which of the following combinations of college-student-specialisation is correct?

1) C-R-Electronics       2) A-Z-Electrical         3) B-W-Electronics        4) B-W-Electrical           5) B-Z-Electronics

Q2. In which of the following colleges do two students study in Electrical discipline?

1) A only             2) B only               3) C only                4) Cannot be determined                           5) None of these

Q3. In which discipline does Q study?

1) Electrical          2) Mechanical         3) Electrical or Mechanical           4) Data inadequate         5) None of these

Q4. In which of the colleges at least one student studies in Mechanical discipline?

1) A only           2) B only             3) C only           4) Both A and B              5) All A, B and C

Q5. S studies in which college?

1) A                 2) B              3) A or B               4) Data inadequate                 5) None of these


1. 4

2. 3

3. 1

4. 5

5. 1

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