Analytical reasoning Set 56

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Seven friends P, F, R, T, Q, N and D are studying different specialisations IT, Civil, HRM, Marketing, Finance, Journalism and Pharmacy, not necessarily in the same order. Each one of them has a liking for a different colour—red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and grey—not necessarily in the same order. Three of them are girls. P likes yellow colour but does not study IT or HR. The one who studies Civil likes grey colour and is a girl. Q, who is the sister of N, studies Marketing and likes pink colour. D’s specialisation is in Pharmacy and likes red colour. N, the wife of R, studies HR and likes green. F likes grey and R likes orange. The one who likes blue studies Finance.


Arrange the whole information in the following form.

S. No.      Person             Specialisation            Colour

S1              P(+)                   Journalism                Yellow

S2              Q(-)                   Marketing                  Pink

S3              D(+)                  Pharmacy                  Red

S4              N(-)                       HR                        Green

S5              R(+)                       IT                         Orange

S6              F(-)                      Civil                        Grey

S7              T(+)                  Finance                      Blue



Q1. Who is studying Civil Engineering?

1) P         2) T         3) F         4) Cannot be determined         5) None of these

Q2 Which of the following is the group of girls?

1) F, D, N             2) F, Q, N             3) Q, N, P                4) Cannot be determined      5) None of these

Q3. Which subject is studied by R?

1) Civil           2) Finance           3) Journalism           4) Cannot be determined          Q5) None of these

Q4. Who is studying Journalism?

1) P          2) Q           3) R            4) Cannot be determined           5) None of these

Q5. Which of the following combinations of person – colour — subject is correct?

1) Blue–T–Marketing                2) Pink–N–HR                  3) Orange–R–Civil                  4) Blue–T–Finance                    5) None of these


ANS 1. 3

ANS 2. 2

ANS 3. 5

ANS 4. 1

ANS 5. 4

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