Analytical reasoning Set 55

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

(i) P, Q, R, S and T finished a work, working from Monday to Saturday, one of the days being a holiday, each working overtime only on one of the days.

(ii) R or T did not work overtime on the first day.

(iii) Q worked overtime the next day after the holiday.

(iv) The overtime work done on the previous day of the holiday was by R.

(v) There was a two days’ gap between the days on which P and Q worked over time.

(vi) P worked overtime the next day of the overtime day of S.


From the clues (i), (iii), (iv) (v) and (vi) we get three possible arrangements

for Monday to Saturday. These arrangements are as follows:

1. R, Holiday, Q, T, S, P      2. T, S, P, R, Holiday, Q

3. S, P, R, Holiday, Q, T Reject the possibilities 1 and 2 because of clue (ii). Hence, the arrangement 3 is the correct one.

     S.No. Day    Person

  1. MON           S
  2. TUE              P
  3. WED            R
  4. THU        Holiday
  5. FRI              Q
  6. SAT             T


Q1. Which of the following is the correct statement?

1) P worked overtime last among them.

2) P worked overtime earlier than S.

3) The holiday was on Friday.

4) S worked overtime earlier than Q.              5) None of these

Q2. On which day did R work overtime?

1) Monday             2) Tuesday             3) Thursday          4) Friday         5) None of these

Q3. How many days’ gap was there between the days on which P and T worked overtime?

1) Three            2) Two          3) One          4) Cannot be determined      5) None of these

Q4. When did T work overtime?

1) On the day previous to that on which S worked overtime

2) On the next day of the day on which Q worked overtime

3) Two days after the day on which S worked overtime

4) Cannot be determined

5) None of these


ANS 1. 4

ANS 2. 5

ANS 3. 1

ANS 4. 2

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