Analytical reasoning Set 51

Directions (Q1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:
There are seven people Naveen, Kailash, Laxman, Lokesh, Santhosh, Abinash and Udayan. They like different Sims, Wonders and were born in different countries and months. They all were born in the same year. One of the Sim is JIO.
One of the Countries is Poland. One of the Wonders is Machu Picchu. One of the persons was born in the month of August. The following information is known about them. Abinash was born in India or in Malaysia. The one who was born in the month of April likes Great Pyramid of Giza and Vodafone sim and is either Laxman or Udayan. Lokesh is not the one who likes Petra. The one who likes Colosseum likes Idea sim. The one who was born in Malaysia is the youngest one and is either Kailash or Udayan. The one who likes Christ the Redeemer was born in Singapore but is not Kailash. Santhosh was born in the month of January. Lokesh was born in Bangladesh in the month of June and likes Docomo sim. The one who likes Taj Mahal was born in October but is not the youngest person. Kailash likes Aircel sim. The one who likes Colosseum was born in China but that person is not Laxman who likes BSNL sim. The one who was born in Russia likes Airtel sim but is not Santhosh. Abinash is the second youngest person. The one who likes Great Wall of China is one month younger than Santhosh.


Q1). Who likes JIO sim?
1. Abinash
2. Udayan
3. Naveen
4. Kailash
5. Laxman

Q2). Which of the following Wonders does Lokesh like?
1. Taj Mahal
2. Machu Picchu
3. Great Pyramid of Giza
4. Great Wall of China
5. Christ the Redeemer

Q3). Which month was Laxman born?
1. February
2. April
3. August
4. October
5. Cannot be determined

Q4). Who was born in Poland?
1. Santhosh
2. Naveen
3. Kailash
4. Udayan
5. Laxman

Q5). Which of the following statements is correct?
1. Santhosh likes Machu Picchu Bank
2. Naveen likes Vodafone sim
3. Udayan was born in the month of August
4. Kailash was born in India
5. None of these


1). Answer: 1)
2). Answer: 2)
3). Answer: 3)
4). Answer: 4)
5). Answer: 5)

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