Rows Set 48

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Nine persons Subash, Kumaran, Tharoon, Ajay, Yadav, Praveen, Achuthan, Niraj and Ashok are sitting in a row facing in either north or south direction but not necessarily in the same order. They work in different countries they are Australia, India, Russia, USA, Japan, Kuwait, Canada, Thailand and UK but not necessarily in this order. The following information is known about them.

Praveen and Ashok are immediate neighbours of Tharoon but face in opposite directions to each other. Achuthan and Niraj face in the same direction. Subash who works in Japan sits in the middle and faces towards south. The person working in Kuwait sits to the immediate right of a person facing in north direction. The person sitting at first and last position from left face in north direction and they work in Canada and Russia respectively. The person working in Thailand sits to the immediate right of Kumaran. Praveen does not sit with Subash. Yadav sits second to the left of Ajay but does not work in Russia. Niraj sits two places away from Subash. Ajay sits exactly between Achuthan and Niraj. Also, there is only one person sitting between Achuthan and Niraj. Kumaran and Tharoon face in the same direction. The person who works in India sits fourth to the left of the person working in Kuwait but neither of them is Niraj. The persons working in UK and Australia are sitting adjacent to each other. The person working in Australia sits fourth to the right of Praveen.



Q1). Who works in Australia Country?

  1. a)Kumaran
  2. b)Praveen
  3. c)Niraj
  4. d)Ajay
  5. e)Yadav

Q2). In which of the following country Achuthan works?

  1. a)USA
  2. b)Kuwait
  3. c)Thailand
  4. d)UK
  5. e)Russia

Q3). Which of the following persons sits at the extreme ends of row?

  1. a)Ajay and Tharoon
  2. b)Kumaran and Ashok
  3. c)Niraj and Achuthan
  4. d)Ashok and Yadav
  5. e)Yadav and Subash

Q4). The one who works in Japan sits third to the left of ______________

  1. a)Achuthan
  2. b)Praveen
  3. c)The one who works in UK
  4. d)The one who works in India
  5. e)Both option c and d

Q5). Which of the following combinations is true?

  1. a)Achuthan – Kuwait – Facing South
  2. b)Tharoon – India – Facing South
  3. c)Yadav – Australia – Facing North
  4. d)Ajay – Canada – Facing South
  5. e)None of these



1. d)

2. b)

3. d)

4. e)

5. a)

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