Coding Decoding (New Pattern) Set 48

Directions (1-5): Study the information and answer the following questions:
In a certain code language
“had not come term” is coded as “ 23BI 7PO 22PD 14FU”
“should answer the question” is coded as “ 23IT 9OB 22IU 13VR ”
“how many want know” is coded as “ 4PI 2BN 7BX 4OL”


Q1. What is the code for ‘realty’?
(a) 2FS
(b) 2FT
(c) 2HS
(d) 4FS
(e) None of these.
Q2. What is the code for ‘contention’?
(a) 3PD
(b) 13PV
(c) 13QD
(d) 13PD
(e) None of these.
Q3. What is the code for ‘regular’?
(a) 9BS
(c) 9FS
(d) 19FS
(e) None of these.
Q4. What is the code for ‘certain’?
(a) 3FD
(b) 13FD
(c) 13FV
(d) 13kD
(e) None of these.
Q5. What is the code for ‘created’?
(a) 23SD
(b) 23SP
(c) 3SD
(d) 23TD
(e) None of these.


1. Ans. (a)
2. Ans. (d)
3. Ans. (c)
4. Ans. (b)
5. Ans. (a)

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