Circle Set 59

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Eight persons Akram, Manish, Vinay, Mishra, Harshan, Irfan, Ramkumar and Santosh are seated around a circular table such that four faces the centre and four are facing opposite to the centre. They like different IPL Cricket teams: Kolkata Knight Riders, Rising Pune Giants, Gujarat Lions, Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore not necessarily in the same order. The arrangement is based on the following rules:

One who likes Royal Challengers Bangalore is seated opposite to Akram. Mishra is 3rd to the right of the one who likes Delhi Daredevils who is seated between Manish and the one who likes Gujarat Lions. Ramkumar is 3rd to the left of Vinay who likes Kings XI Punjab. Santosh is to the immediate left of the one who likes Sunrisers Hyderabad. One who likes Royal Challengers Bangalore is a neighbour of Mishra. Akram does not like Delhi Daredevils and Ramkumar does not like Royal Challengers Bangalore. Akram is 2nd to the left of Harshan who is not a neighbour of Mishra. Either Akram or Ramkumar likes Sunrisers Hyderabad. Mishra and Manish are seated facing the same direction.. The one who likes Gujarat Lions is 2nd to the right of the one who likes Rising Pune Giants. Mishra and Santosh do not like Rising Pune Giants, Ramkumar faces outside the centre. One who likes Mumbai Indians is facing the opposite direction faced by Vinay. Not more than two persons who sits on consecutive seats face the same direction.



Q1). Who among the following is not facing centre?

  1. a)Vinay
  2. b)Harshan
  3. c)Akram
  4. d)Santosh
  5. e)Irfan

Q2). Who among the following likes Delhi Daredevils?

  1. a)Akram
  2. b)Santosh
  3. c)Irfan
  4. d)Harshan
  5. e)None of these

Q3). Who is sitting third to the right of the person who like Kings XI Punjab team?

  1. a)The one who likes Gujarat Lions team
  2. b)The one who likes Rising Pune Giants team
  3. c)The one who likes Royal Challengers Bangalore team
  4. d)The one who likes Delhi Daredevils team
  5. e)None of these

Q4). The only person who is sitting between Santosh and Ramkumar likes which of the following teams?

  1. a)Gujarat Lions
  2. b)Mumbai Indians
  3. c)Sunrisers Hyderabad
  4. d)Kings XI Punjab
  5. e)Kolkata Knight Riders

Q5). Which of the following is correctly matched?

  1. a)Mishra – Facing Centre – Kolkata Knight Riders
  2. b)Santosh – Facing Outside – Gujarat Lions
  3. c)Irfan – Facing Outside – Royal Challengers Bangalore
  4. d)Vinay – Facing Centre – Mumbai Indians
  5. e)Manish – Facing Outside – Rising Pune Giants



1).  a)
2).  d)
3).  b)
4).  c)
5).  e)

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