Analytical reasoning Set 50

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

The seven foreign banks Deutsche Bank, Doha bank, Barclays Bank, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC Bank are having their headquarters in different places namely USA, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, UK and Qatar not in the respective order. And the banks making contract with insurance companies such as New India Assurance, The Oriental Insurance Company, United India Insurance Company, National Insurance Company, Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Of India, General Insurance Corporation and Life Insurance Corporation. The insurance companies are located in different places such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Patna not in the respective order.

  • Life Insurance Corporation and National Insurance Company are not contact with Canada and UK based banks respectively. Either Deutsche Bank or HSBC Bank likes to contract with United India Insurance Company which is not located in Kolkata and Hyderabad
  • The insurance company which located in Mumbai contract with the bank that is located in Japan.
  • Royal Bank of Canada contract with Hyderabad based insurance company and is not located in Russia and Canada.
  • General Insurance Corporation is Bangalore based insurance company. And Kolkata based insurance company not deals with HSBC Bank and Deutsche Bank.
  • USA and China based banks making contract with Delhi and Patna based insurance companies respectively.
  • Deutsche Bank is not contracting with the Delhi and Mumbai based insurance companies. Barclays Bank is having headquarters in Qatar.
  • Citi Bank do not contract with insurance companies located in Chennai, Mumbai and also General Insurance Corporation Company
  • The Mumbai based The Oriental Insurance Company does not contract with Standard Chartered Bank and Doha bank. HSBC Bank which has headquarters in Japan doesn’t contract with Chennai based New India Assurance company. General Insurance Corporation will contract with Qatar based bank.
  • Chennai based insurance company making contract with Standard Chartered Bank which not have headquarters in Canada and UK
  • Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India is not located in Patna and Kolkata and makes deal with Doha bank Company



Q1). Which of the following bank headquarters located in Russia?

  1. a)HSBC Bank
  2. b)Barclays Bank
  3. c)Royal Bank of Canada
  4. d)Doha bank
  5. e)Standard Chartered Bank

Q2). Citi Bank Contract with which of the following insurance company?

  1. a)Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
  2. b)National Insurance Company
  3. c)United India Insurance Company
  4. d)Life Insurance Corporation
  5. e)New India Assurance

Q3).  The Oriental Insurance Company contract with which of the following banks?

  1. a)Barclays Bank
  2. b)Royal Bank of Canada
  3. c)Standard Chartered Bank
  4. d)HSBC Bank
  5. e)Doha bank

Q4). If ‘Deutsche Bank’ is related to ‘Kolkata’, ‘Citi Bank’ is related to ‘Hyderabad’, then which following is ‘Royal Bank of Canada’ related to?

  1. a)Mumbai
  2. b)Chennai
  3. c)Delhi
  4. d)Bangalore
  5. e)Patna

Q5). Which of the following combinations is true?

  1. a)Doha Bank – Russia – Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Of India – Chennai
  2. b)Deutsche Bank – Japan – The Oriental Insurance Company – Mumbai
  3. c)Citi Bank – Canada – National Insurance Company – Kolkata
  4. d)Standard Chartered Bank – USA – New India Assurance – Delhi
  5. e)None of these



1).  e)
2).  b)
3).  d)
4).  a)
5).  c)

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