Analytical reasoning Set 49

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Nine people Sandeep, Harish, Lenin, Ravi, Abbas, Dinesh, Nisar, Venkat and Sumanth stay in a building. The building has nine floors and only one person stays on one floor. Each of them likes different colour uniforms namely- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Orange, Brown, Grey and Violet. Each person belongs to different companies, i.e. Samsung, Onida, Panasonic, Videocon, LG, Whirlpool, Toshiba, Sharp and Sony but not necessarily in the same order. The ground floor is numbered 1, the floor above it is numbered 2, and so on, and the topmost floor is numbered 9.

The one who belongs to Sharp Company stays on the 4th floor. There are 4 floors between the floors on which Ravi & Nisar stay with Ravi living above Nisar. Lenin stays on the floor immediately above Venkat’s floor. The one who likes Red colour uniform stays on an even numbered floor and is a neighbour of the one who likes Blue colour uniform. Sumanth does not belong to Onida company. The one who belongs to Samsung company stays on the topmost floor. The one who likes Brown colour uniform stays immediately below the one who likes White colour uniform. Abbas likes Grey colour uniform. Dinesh belongs to LG company and stays on 8th floor. There are 3 persons between the one who likes Yellow colour uniform and the one who like Grey colour uniform. There are two floors between the floors on which people from Sony company and Sharp company stay. Abbas stays immediately below the floor on which the person from Videocon company lives. The person who likes Orange colour uniform belongs to Onida company and stays on an odd numbered floor. Sumanth stays on the bottommost floor. The person who likes Green colour uniform is from Videocon company and stays on 6th floor. The person from Toshiba company stays on 2nd floor. The persons from Whirlpool company and Onida company are not the neighbours of the person from Videocon company. Ravi likes Blue colour uniform and Nisar does not like Red colour uniform. Harish does not live below the floor of Sandeep.



1). Which of the following persons sits exactly between Sumanth and the one who likes Violet colour uniform?

  1. a)Venkat and Nisar
  2. b)Lenin and Abbas
  3. c)Nisar and Ravi
  4. d)Sandeep and Venkat
  5. e)Harish and Abbas

2). Who lives in the Third floor?

  1. a)Abbas
  2. b)The one who likes Violet colour uniform
  3. c)The one who is from Onida company
  4. d)Dinesh
  5. e)None of these

3). Green Colour uniform like by which of the following person?

  1. a)Ravi
  2. b)Sandeep
  3. c)Nisar
  4. d)Sumanth
  5. e)Lenin

4). How many persons sit between Nisar and the one who likes Yellow colour uniform?

  1. a)Five
  2. b)Three
  3. c)Four
  4. d)Two
  5. e)Six

5). Which of the following combinations is true?

  1. a)4 – Sharp – Lenin – Yellow colour uniform
  2. b)3 –Onida – Nisar – White colour uniform
  3. c)8 – Samsung – Harish – Green colour uniform
  4. d)7 – Sony – Ravi – Blue colour uniform
  5. e)None of these



1).  a)
2).  c)
3).  b)
4).  e)
5).  d)

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