Analytical reasoning Set 48

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

In HDFC Bank the staffs Gopinath, Sanjay, Anwar, Latif, Jemima, Shalini, Monica, Mishraya are working and they come to the Bank by different express such as Shiv Ganga Express, Malwa Express, Suryanagri Express, Magadh Express, Pandian Express, Nellai Express, Archana Express and Vaishali Express not in the respective order. And they are selected for special seminar. They planned to take seminar individually with other staffs in different States such as Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam and Gujarat in a week starting from Sunday to Saturday. The maximum number of seminar taken by each person is one.

Gopinath going to take seminar before Sanjay and after Mishraya who did not come to the bank by Suryanagri Express. The staff who is going to take seminar in Rajasthan, come to Bank by Nellai Express. Anwar come to Bank by Malwa Express and he did not take seminar on week’s starting day. The staff who take seminar in Gujarat, attend seminar in Maharashtra and Karnataka in the previous day. Mishraya likes to take seminar in Bihar and she did not come by Archana Express. Only two persons giving their seminar on same day due to other commitments. The person who is coming to Bank by the way of Pandian Express likes to take seminar on Thursday. Sanjay likes to take seminar in Assam and the day in between the persons who take seminar in Kerala and Gujarat. Monica comes to Bank by Archana Express and she did not take seminar on Saturday. The persons who come to the bank by Magadh Express and Malwa Express likes to take seminar on same day. The person who takes seminar in Assam come to the bank by Shiv Ganga Express and attend Jemima’s seminar who come to Bank by Pandian Express in the next day. Gopinath who did not come to the bank by Vaishali Express taking seminar on the next day of Latif’s seminar. Latif who making arrangement with another staff for taking seminar on same day and he did not take seminar in Maharashtra.



1). Latif comes to the Bank by which express?

  1. a) Magadh Express
  2. b) Shiv Ganga Express
  3. c) Pandian Express
  4. d) Nellai Express
  5. e) Malwa Express

2).  Who takes the seminar on Friday?

  1. a) The one who takes seminar in Haryana
  2. b) Monica
  3. c) Both a and b
  4. d) The one who takes seminar in Assam
  5. e) The one who come to the Bank by Shiv Ganga Express

3). Who come to the Bank by Nellai Express?

  1. a) Mishraya
  2. b) Latif
  3. c) Monica
  4. d) Shalini
  5. e) Jemima

4). Two seminars held on which of the following day?

  1. a) Thursday
  2. b) Tuesday
  3. c) Saturday
  4. d) Friday
  5. e) Monday

5). Which of the following combinations is true?

  1. a) Mishraya – Archana Express – Bihar – Thursday
  2. b) Sanjay – Shiv Ganga Express – Assam – Wednesday
  3. c) Gopinath – Suryanagri Express – Kerala – Wednesday
  4. d) Shalini – Vaishali Express – Rajasthan – Saturday
  5. e) None of these



1).  a)

2).  c)

3).  d)

4).  e)

5).  b)

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