Analytical reasoning Set 46

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Varun, Rajesh, Sunil, Jeeva, Vasanth, Parthiban and Avinash are seven persons from different States, viz Gujarat, Bihar, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Assam and Rajasthan. They go to top 4 cities in India, viz. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai only on Friday but not necessarily in the same order. At least one Person goes to one city, but no city is visited by more than two Persons. Parthiban, who is from Maharashtra, goes alone to Bangalore. The one who is from Haryana does not go to Mumbai. Also, he never goes either with Vasanth or with Avinash. Jeeva goes to Chennai with the person who is the Person from Rajasthan. Sunil goes to Hyderabad. Avinash is not a Person from Rajasthan. The one who is from Haryana goes to the city with the person who is the Person of Gujarat. The one who is from Punjab goes to Chennai. Varun is a Person from neither Bihar nor Rajasthan. The one who is from Assam goes to Mumbai neither with Vasanth nor with Jeeva. The person who is from Bihar goes to the city with Varun.



Q1). Who among the following persons visit Hyderabad?
1. Jeeva and Rajesh
2. Vasanth and Sunil
3. Rajesh and Sunil
4. Parthiban and Rajesh
5. Cannot be determined

Q2). Rajesh is the person from which of the following state?
1. Haryana
2. Gujarat
3. Bihar
4. Rajasthan
5. Either Haryana/Gujarat

Q3). Which of the following city visited by Avinash?
1. Bangalore
2. Mumbai
3. Chennai
4. Hyderabad
5. None of these

Q4). Which of the following statements is wrong?
1. Jeeva – Hyderabad – Punjab
2. Vasanth – Chennai – Rajasthan
3. Parthiban – Bangalore – Maharashtra
4. Varun – Mumbai – Assam
5. All statements are true

Q5). Which of the following combinations is true?
1. Jeeva – Chennai – Bihar
2. Varun – Hyderabad – Assam
3. Vasanth – Chennai – Punjab
4. Avinash – Mumbai – Bihar
5. None of these


1. Answer: c)
2. Answer: e)
3. Answer: b)
4. Answer: a)
5. Answer: d)

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