Coding Decoding Set 46

Direction(1-5).Study the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow—
In a certain code, 
‘ze lo ka gi’ is a code for ‘she save some food’,
fe ka so ni’ is a code for ‘he made good food’,
‘ni lo da so’ is a code for ‘he she be good’ and
‘we so ze da’ is a code for ‘be good save grace’.


Q1. ‘grace be food’, may be coded as ____?
(a) ka da fe
(b) we ka so
(c) ja da we
(d) ka we da
(e) ja ka ze
Q2. What is the code for ‘some’?
(a) gi
(b) lo
(c) ze
(d) ka
(e) Cannot be determined
Q3. What does the ‘so’ stand for?
(a) good
(b) save
(c) grace
(d) be
(e) Cannot be determined
Q4. What is the code for ‘she’?
(a) da
(b) lo
(c) sa
(d) ni
(e) Cannot be determined
Q5. What is the code for ‘grace’?
(a) ze
(b) da
(c) so
(d) we
(e) None of these



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