Coding Decoding (New Pattern) 40

Directions (1-5): Study the information and answer the following questions:
In a certain code language
“was killed just from” is coded as “ D19 O4 F20 I13”
“hung AND table which” is coded as “ F7 M4 G5 D8”
“every year spot took” is coded as “B25 B18 G20 G11 ”
Q1. What is the code for ‘famous’?
(a) X19
(c) H19
(e) None of these.
Q2. What is the code for ‘refusing’?
(a) F9
(b H7
(c) F17
(d) F7
(e) None of these.
Q3. What is the code for ‘forget’?
(a) G21
(b H20
(c) G20
(d) C20
(e) None of these.
Q4. What is the code for ‘rider’?
(a) K18
(b I17
(c) K18
(d) I18
(e) None of these.
Q5. What is the code for ‘claimed’?
(a) M4
(c) O4
(d) N4
(e) None of these.


These are the latest pattern of coding-decoding questions. In these questions we are applying the following concept:-
1. Ans. (d)
2. Ans. (d)
3. Ans. (c)
4. Ans. (d)
5. Ans. (d)

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