Vocabulary Set – 67

1. Alchemy – a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Synonyms: magic, sympathy, attraction, rapport

Antonyms: animosity, antipathy, disaffection, antagonism

Usage: Finding the person who’s right for you requires a very subtle alchemy.


2. Embody – to stand as a symbol for something

Synonyms: incorporate, personify, embrace, integrate, exemplify, manifest

Antonyms: exclude, scatter, afford, alienate, misunderstand

Usage: The national flag is supposed to embody the spirit of our country.


3. Fissure – a narrow opening or crack

Synonyms:  crevice, breach, chink, cranny, split, rupture

Antonyms: barricade, fixation, ameliorate, hangout, emend

Usage: A fissure in the glass of the fish tank caused a slow leak.


4. Folklore –  native sayings, stories, beliefs, and customs

Synonyms: tradition, mythology, wisdom, culture, superstition

Antonyms: variation, invention, truth, alteration, conception

Usage: Tribal folklore dictates a female must wed no later than her sixteenth birthday.


5. Dialectic – the practice of reasoning that arrives at a truth by the exchange of logical arguments

Synonyms: controversial, disputation, persuasion, analytic, argumentative

Antonyms: illogical, absurd, insanity, ineptitude

Usage: A brainstorming session was in full effect as members used dialectic tactics to problem-solve.


6. Vernacular – everyday language; the way people really talk with each other

Synonyms: dialect, jargon, idiom, informal, argot, lingo

Antonyms: literary, standard, aerial, preferential, lofty

Usage: The vernacular of today’s young people is very confusing for some of the older generation.


7. Ectomorph – a lean body type that generally lacks both fat and muscle

Synonyms: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, introvert

Antonyms: receptor

Usage: In general, people with an ectomorph body type are lightly muscled and tall.


8. Heyday – the period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success, popularity, activity, or vigour.

Synonyms:  prime, peak, bloom, acme, pinnacle, blossom, culmination

Antonyms: low point, bottom, nadir

Usage: The paper has lost millions of readers since its heyday in 1964.


9. Hubris – an excess of confidence; having too much pride and personal worth

Synonyms: arrogance, insolence, conceit, disdain, loftiness, vanity

Antonyms: modesty, respect, timidity, humbleness

Usage: Since she won the beauty pageant, she has allowed her hubris to turn into arrogance.


10. Dizzy – having or involving a sensation of spinning around and losing one’s balance.

Synonyms: faint, woozy, flighty, frivolous, unstable, weak, shaky

Antonyms: clear-headed, sensible

Usage: She felt dizzy from breathing off the top of her lungs.

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